Getting list of view models materials to change them?

Sorry if this is wrong section, but is there any way to get list or table of all materials of model? View of world?
I tried searching google and gmod wiki but all I found was how to get current override material which was not what I wanted.
I’d like to set materials to only some parts of view model for weapons and for gloves.

Any help is appreciated.
This should be what you’re looking for. Read the instructions carefully and it should all work!

That is a nice tool which I’ve already known before posting this, but I don’t want to make new SWEPs.

I want to write a LUA script, which will add a menu to change materials of current equiped weapon (like aplying reskin to M4A1) without having to rewrite original files and store these override materials paths in text file and load them next time the user runs GMod so that they apply again. I only need a way to get table of materials used in that weapons (allways a different number of these).

Thanks anyway