Getting Mass Effect animations?

I saw videos of people using ME Animations, also used the Easy Tool Animation with the ME addon. Can I get a tutorial on how to get them into source or sfm, cause i’ve been messing with the psa. with no luck

I too am curious about converting Unreal Engine animations, particularly with Maya 2012. Any advice would be very useful!

i’d say they are there, just most people aren’t interested in getting them or the tool developers don’t care enough about it?

Getting them is dead simple - umodel.
The reason why people rarely move them out, is because for a lot of reasons they are kinda useless.
a) you often need to fix a shitload due to bone rotations
b) often enough, you are going to be changing bone origins anyway to make them work on your engine of choice (ME is actually the perfect example as stuff like finger bones have to be fixed for it to work correctly)
c) not a lot of people will be using them at the end of the day. People generally want 3 things at most.

  1. NPCs
  2. Playermodels
  3. Ragdolls

So often enough, you’re actually rerigging models to the valve biped.

Well theoretically if you port enough animations you could replace the valve ones completely, but I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before.

i don’t know i was just thinking, DO IT NOW.

technically, and I think there’s a link here somewhere on facepunch, there are already models with those animations. Apparently whoever originally uploaded them took them down, but thankfully, someone left a link. Took some digging but it was worth finding em, works in SFM too.