Getting Model Path (That Appear Errors) Clientside?

Hello, I’m trying to create a system that allows users to download workshop content by matching models to a specific workshop id and everything is done from there.

Right now, when I grab the model (which is an error) clientside, it returns ‘models/error.mdl’, whereas serverside it returns: ‘models/sentry/regera_speirs.mdl’

if CLIENT then
     for k, v in pairs(ents.FindByClass('prop_vehicle_jeep')) do

> Vehicle [41][prop_vehicle_jeep]
> models/error.mdl

I was wondering if there’s anyway (clientside) to get the REAL path of the model without it returning the error’s model?


Great, you are trying to ripoff Giraffens idea.

Why not just ask him directly?

Also the answer is: networking.
You need to network that data, during entity spawn or during model appearing in player PvS.,=

If you consider using game.MountGMA and detecting models that are errors to be a rip-off then okay.

I’ve went ahead and used a net-wrapper to do exactly what you’ve said and that should do the job for now, Thanks.

Yeh, sorry, I was in a hurry so I didn’t read it fully.

Glad it worked for you.