Getting models into Garrysmod


I have been trying for four days straight trying to get a static model from blender or 3dsmax into garrysmod. Ultimately, I want to get models into the hammer editor.

I have gone through all these tutorials.

Every one of them I have not been able to complete. Theres a common problem im having with all of them. When it becomes time to compile, theres always an error message that I simply cannot find a way around. I have gone through each one thoroughly.

I dont know a thing about programming. So everythings new to me.

Alright, so let me narrow my problem down. Currently im trying to learn cannonfodder’s StudioCompiler. Following this tutorial The problem is, after I think i’ve put everything in correctly I hit compile. I am getting error messages for both the model and material compiles. I will provide as much information as I can. Below are screenshots I have of the cannonfodder window and the error messages.

note: The only game I own is garrys mod.

note: The octopus model has 5 image textures. 4 of them are just flat colors and 1 of them is the skin texture.

help is very appreciated!

This is help for lua, not models. You would have better chance if you asked in the models and skins subforum.