Getting more players (Share your tips)

So I want to know your tips on how you got more players to join your Garry’s Mod server and stay on! Comment Below!

Here are my tips:
-Good title with words about your server for example "Server Name Jailbreak - FastDL | Pointshop | Active Staff "
-Inviting all my friends to join

Thats it for me XD

I also want some tips to improve my server, so comment below :slight_smile:

It varies on what you’re hosting really. If you’re hosting DarkRP, then your server should garner enough joins by itself (provided it has at least like, 4 players). Some people don’t like seeing useless stuff in the server name. Taking for example, the fact that nearly every sever has “good admins” or “active staff”, it’s redundant to make your server name longer by adding that.

Low to no downloads helps too. If there’s one thing that makes me not want to join a server, it’s sitting and waiting to download “funnychatsound413.mp3”, or downloading an entire map pack just to play on one map.

Starting a server just by yourself is hard too. You’ll usually want to get some friends from Steam to help keep it active for the first week or two, so you can get a decent playerbase staying.

For a TTT server you HAVE to stand out. A good title and some nice features (Not VIP shit) I try to get a mature playerbase with some actual CUSTOM made shit. Not CoderHire shit. Keep your players entertained.

-Some users want a unique experience they can’t find on other servers while others want what they’re familiar with. Balance between the two, implement stuff from Coderhire or the Workshop but try to have some of your own features to stand out on.

-It’s kinda silly to put stuff like ‘good community’ or ‘friendly staff’ in the title since that’s subjective and not really for you, the owner, to decide.

-Interact with your community and encourage discussion. I’ve always found it really shitty when communities only acknowledge regular members, so if a new player asks a question, try to reply and help them learn. They’ll either completely ignore you and ask the exact same question again, or learn and be grateful for it.

I was there when a community shut down, so I made a server and got most of the player base from there.


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I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to poke at with this, unless it’s sarcasm (sarcasm over text doesn’t work unless it’s overt). I’ve been a “co-owner” or “developer” of at least 9 “gaming communities”, all of which failed due to upper management disputes. We pretty much recycled the same players for almost all of them, and when the last one fell and I started up my own server, people were more than willing to join a server where they knew the Owner.

That’s another one though. Try and get people from gaming communities that shut down (sounds underhanded, but is it?).

I wouldn’t mock this method since that’s what we did and it’s actually very helpful, since it basically guarantees you strong starting base and means there’s no worries about having to attract players in the first initial weeks/months.

It’s also helpful because it gives you a direct to take your community in, since you can look at how the died one and be ‘okay, well, we’re not going to do that things that way’

He was referring to a song called Mr. Steal Your Girl

Back on topic, don’t go around advertising, people hate that garbage. Also don’t have pay to win donations, try keeping them as only cosmetic stuff. Don’t run a server only for the money either. Also if you run TTT be careful with Pointshop, you don’t want everyone looking too different otherwise it becomes “Kos the Batman guy”. Avoid people downloading too many models or sounds, they take a while. One last thing, if it is TTT you are playing make sure to have a bunch of maps, preferably more unknown maps, never have 24/7 ttt_minecraft_b5.

Hey I host a Zs server and here are my tips.
Their is only one thing you need: A STARTING PLAYER BASE.
I had a constant 5 players on my server from 10am to 12pm and that wasn’t enough action for people so they left. You really need a strong starting player base to even get off the ground.

The thing that makes me stay long on a server is when there is something to get better on or like a achievement system. You could add some simply quests that people can do alone and with friends.

Simple think of what appeals to 9 year olds and you’ve got yourself set for DarkRP.

TTT is basically the same thing but alot more mature.

Advertise something cool looking on FP and people will come

Hahaha, TTT players are whiny as fuck, if you do anything they yell RDM.

Host a gamemode that dont have alot of servers.

Hah, TTT is nothing compared to over dramatic serious rpers

Try not ripping previously big communities off!!!

Try to do something unique that hasn’t been down before or something people have seen but changed around a bit.

People on FP are so critical, you will stand no chance.
Even if you do meet their standards for a non-shit, non-coderhire and non-generic server, the FP crowd won’t sustain the server enough to build a base population. Most people here will just go on for a few minutes to check it out.

Surprisingly, being ‘unique’ doesn’t get much attention at all.

Case in point - my friend who runs a DarkRP community (he actually codes his own things, and is surprisingly NOT shit at it before you think) goes through map rotations where he goes to rp_downtownv2 when he wants people to join and replenish the userbase, and then rp_bangclaw because he loves that map. Being “normal” gets you players.