Getting NPCs to run towards you and shoot instead of staying where they are


I’ve been working on a HL2 map for a while now, and I am almost done with it. I have 2 npc makers at the top of a hill to spawn combine, and the schedule target is !player, I’ve set their aggressiveness to very high with ai_standoff and given them assault points going down the hill, but they all stay at the top of the hill which doesn’t make for a very dynamic battle. How would I get them to keep moving down towards the player?

Have you carefully placed nodes?

Yes, I’ve placed info_nodes for them to navigate and info_node_hints for cover, but they just stay where they are as soon as they see me.

Did you correctly define an ai_battleline?

I tried using a battleline, but it didn’t really change anything. Isn’t it just supposed to just stop them going over a certain point? And if I did get them to advance to it, how would I get it to move with the player to stop them running past the player to get to it?

It’s the point they advance to as far as I’m aware and it can be parented to the player.

I tried parenting the ai_battleline to the player using !player because you can only do the “use player as battleline” for allies, and the combine still stayed at the top of the hill.

First, make the combine you want to move down do an assault.

next, use an npc_template_maker rather than an npc_maker.

last, set the flag of the combine that you want to spawn to “template npc” and your done :smiley:

If you want to see a vmf of a npc_template maker, I used it in this tutorial map:

Hope this helps :dance: