Getting off the bus...


I feel like there should’ve been more people but whatever. I added the ramp and the computer as the bus stop area kind of thing.

No, Saren and Jessica are not holding hands. They broke up ages ago.

Where’d you get the damn ME models?! :V

Bloocobalt released Liara’s model quite a while back and Saren Nexus_Elite did long time ago which I found in my folders.

I’ve said it time and time again, please don’t ask them for the models, cause it’s unlikely you will get them.

that’s somewhat of an unweildy ramp is it not beng_hoof

Not quite sure I know what you mean Craing.

Pretty please with sugar lumps on top?

Nah, I jest. But that Saren model sure is sexy, and I’m also liking these new ‘future’ sceenies of yours.

If things go smoothly and technical problems don’t get in the way I will get some better ones, with more aliens, fights, and characters.

Pretty nice. The floor looks hard to walk on though. :stuck_out_tongue:

“And welcome to the fancy party!”

Thanks for the comments.

Looks good man, Saren looks a tad weird though.

Also guys if you’re that desperate, I can give you a model file which Nexus rigged Saren off. If you know any modelers, that is.

Honestly the private model bullshit is dumb. It’ll get you more replies, sure. But those replies are just gonna be “Were can we get the modle?”, “awwww” and “nice model”
the alien looks dumbfounded, just standing there. saren looks a bit awkward. Pretty good.

I agree as to the fact that private models can get rediculous, but I respect the author’s wishes. It’s their choice, not mine. Frankly I don’t get models for the replies, but to forward my ideas which can be very specific unfortunately.

Anyhow, thanks for the comment. The Fallout 3 aliens do look dumbfound, which is why I like making them just standing around kind of moping. I would assume Saren’s awkwardness comes from the angle and the fact that he is on an awkward platform and I think I made him walk more feminine than usual.

Thanks though.

Not sure why, but I like Liara’s pose a lot. It just looks natural for an asari.


Awesome image, That’s pretty much the best pose for Liara i did the angle with her too like that.


It’s the people who make shitty images with private models that are the assholes, Ben, Me, Urbanator and Dtmech are the ones who make good poses with private models. Like Ben said we are just respecting the people who either port the model that ask us to keep it private. It’s nothing personal we don’t do it for reply’s we do it because we wanna make poses and are lucky enough to do so.

Someone still butthurt? :S Christ sakes, get it over with.

Was that the image of yours with Liara blasting enemies with a lazor beam? If so, that was a kewl pic.
And yeah, agree with you bout the private model thing.

Wha- What did I say? :v:

I was offering all these guys who want Saren a last resort…

Well good for you. clap clap

Thanks everyone.

I think this will be my final bump.