Getting optimal image quality for VGUI Textures

Thread title can sound somewhat misleading so let me explain:

When making a HUD for example, I often use textures to spice things up. Now, for some reason, they always look blurry ingame and the Alpha channel isn’t giving me a crisp outline as it’s supposed to (small white outline, blurry, etc.).

I’m using the VTF Plugin for Photoshop, and I’m saving it as an ‘Uncompressed Texture’ but it still looks like shit. Any ideas on how to get perfect quality for VGUI images and such?

Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. :3:

what height/width are you saving with?

That doesn’t matter, really. It depends on the situation. But nothing huge. Mostly stuff like icons (64x64,32x32 or 16x16), banners or HUD designs (128x32 for instance) etc.


The only thing I need to know is how I can save VTF files in a way where I get no quality loss ingame.

I’m pretty sure he was asking this to ensure you have the correct resolution for your intended image size.

Try making a VTF/VMT using VTFEdit (not the Photoshop plugin).
(I recommend not changing any settings - just try default)

That’s like saying jump on the first train and hope it takes you where you want to go.

You could read up on the format too… that might help. My suggestion is don’t use a compressed format.

But in this case, returning to your point of origin doesn’t take several hours, and the first train is the one that most people would take.

You tried the $nolod or something like that?

Stop with the train analogy; it was only initiated to point out how uneducated your answer was.

If you don’t have anything with substance to say, don’t help people.

Thanks for the link, was a useful read. My conclusion is that I should use the **BGRA8888 **format. I’ll try that.


Hmm, not entirely sure, but I’ll include it next time.


I always use sizes that are a power of two.

I frequently use the Point Sample option for HUD images to help with the edges.

Point Sample
No minimum Mipmap

  • Defaults

That’s what the silkicons in gmod uses and they are at 100% quality, so I tend to use that.

16x16 is a power of two, yet impractical for a fullscreen hud image.
I just wanted to check that you were definitely using images that were at least as big if not bigger than the intended draw resolution.

You can make any size image you want as long as the transparent part of it fits the power of 2

Ahh, why didn’t I think of that? :v:

Anyway, thanks for the replies everybody. I’ve got a few things to try now.