Getting other Source game models into hammer?

Hi i used the tutorial here, to set up my Hammer to Garry’s Mod.

and i have added all of these to my Game data files.
HalfLife2.fgd = Ep2 (HL2 aswell)
cstrike.fgd = CS:S
dod.fgd = DoD:S
hl2mp.fgd = HL2:DM (could be needed)
portal.fgd = Portal
tf.fgd = TF2 (garrysmod/garrysmod)

but when i use the model browser non of them are showing up, only the hl2 models.

You have to move the models and materials into the garrysmod directory, from the game’s GCF file. You can open GCF extension by downloading GCFScape.

.fgd only include entities, not models.

Ok ill try that.

Worked perfectly thankyou!