Getting raided now

Getting raiding right now, I don’t mind. But i do find it annoying that there are people with esp and aimbot doing it. Was really hoping legit players wanted to play the game. Texas Facepunch IV needs to be cleaned up. Too late for me though :confused:

After playing for 1200 hours its pretty easy to spot legit players and cheaters.

Beware on Texas Facepunch IV

Affiliated groups ABC EFG (clan-tag) and most if not all Chinese symbol names.

Ahh the joys of playing on unmoderrated servers.

I don’t understand why people insist on playing on official servers where there’s no moderation. If you play on official servers with no active admins (that’s ALL of them), you’re going to encounter this.

Find a good community server with an active admin, and the chance you’ll ever personally encounter another cheater in Rust is next to nil.

I’ve been playing on community servers since Experimental first launched, and I have never run into a hacker once. Do something about it, or don’t, but just keep in mind us community guys are busy enjoying ourselves and our community while your grumbling is overpowered by chat and mic spam.

Rustified or Rustopia is the best vanilla servers with active admins.

If only they didnt wipe so often :frowning:

Battle Royale EU is my personal Favourite.

When I catch em on my server they get ID banned. But I run a modded server with two admins watching it plus myself so we keep those jerkoffs to a minimum.