Getting rid of certain replacements

Alright, so recently I deleted everything for Gmod and then reinstalled all the files I had. And some how I ended up getting this SMG replacement, which I never even downloaded, at least not intentionally. I know I have to delete the model or material to get rid of it, but I have no idea what or where they are. Can anyone help?

Also, I’ve had these replacements for the Combine Soldier and Combine Elite, and I want to get rid of them, but once again, I have no idea what to delete.

Delete your models and materials folders (make sure you back them up so you can put anything else you want to stay back in). This will mean it will use the original files from the GCF (which is what you want). Also check if you have any addons, and if there in there (check for models called Combine_soldier.mdl, Combine_super_solder.mdl and v_IRifle.mdl from the pics you’ve put there, also any materials that go with them).

Thanks, I’ll see if it works. I appreciate the help.

It should work, np :smiley:

Well, the replacements are all gone;

But I still have one little problem;

Even though I got my own SMG to work, the Npcs spawn with invisible ones. Do you know how to fix this?

Ok thats quite weird, have you got something that replaces the npc weapons? usually a lua called new_npc_weapons.lua or something in lua/autorun, because that looks like its trying to replace their weapons with something that is no longer there.

(Glad that fixed it… mostly :D)

Now I got it all working, thanks for your help.

:open_mouth: thats my map
If the invisible weapons ever happen again, try resetting game cache?

Yeah, the colonies maps are awesome.

np, glad I could help :smiley: