Getting rid of fuzzy compression bullshit.

So, first off, take one look at this picture and tell me what you see.

That’s right. Fuzzy compression bullshit and bad quality. I have no idea how to fix it. When I take a picture in Gmod, I use the “devshots_screenshot” command, which takes a picture of everything the way it is on the screen and then saves it as TGA in my Gmod folder. Problem is, if I so much as change the TGA into anything, be it a JPG/PNG or what have you, this compression and pixelated crap shows up and ruins the quality of the image.

I need to get past that. How can I keep the quality of the image without it getting all crappy?

I turn my graphics setting to the max since my computer can handle it, so it’s not that. I also tried the command “jpeg_quality 100” but that didn’t do anything to help me.

I, to, have this problem. I’d love for Garry to just add a console command that lets you change the saved versions of the screenshots to PNGs, which eliminates all compression for other images.

When you open up the .tga in Photoshop and then later save it, you have to remember to save it at maximum quality.

don’t use paint.

Don’t have photoshop, and if we so much as mention the word “pirating” we get banned.

…Oh crap!

Way ahead of you, lad.

eh, whatever the fuck you use, repeat what i said and replace the word photoshop with whatever you want

Tried it with GIMP. Saved it as a jpg and put it to maximum quality but got the same thing. I’m guessing that method only works with photoshop.

don’t save it as a jpeg. save it as a png instead. do it in an editing program like gimp and it should work. tga to png works in photoshop, but i don’t know how well it works in gimp.

png sucks

Use another upload website such as Uppix or get dropbox.

Wow. PNG actually worked with GIMP. Thanks mate