Getting Rid of Speech Boxes

Hello, I was wondering what the command is to remove the boxes at the bottom left of the screen when someone voice chats. Thank you

I think so, but then you have to use sv_cheats 1 and, then you remove your whole HUD…
cl_drawhud 0

Tried that, removes everything BUT the boxes :expressionless:

And chat is still there too.
If you look to movies like Idiots of Garrysmod, you see those boxes too, and, they’re kinda advanced in making video’s, so I think they know how to do it. But if they still have the problem, then I can’t help you.
You can try to look into a shitload of commands by typing this in console:
find cl_
find sv_
Things like that.

I’ll flip through it, or just leave them there. Thanks.