Getting ridiculous. GMod using over 1 million bytes of memory

I’ve noted this before but no-one seemed to either care or have an answer and now it IS a problem.

Before, GMod used about 300,000. Normal usage, sometimes it spiked to 600,000 or 800,000. This caused my computer to slow down alot for some reason.

Now this is getting really fucking stupid.

I started GMod up, it was fine, I try to join a server, and as soon as I click “Connect” GMod shoots up from 347,611 bytes of memory to 1,489,500 bytes of memory.

This was just plain stupid, I managed to exit hl2.exe via Task Manager and it did this to about another 2 servers.

What the flying fuck is causing GMod to get worse and worse with it’s memory usage? Last addon installed was the Alien Swarm player pack but I had no problems in Single Player, I join any server and the game shoots up into the millions of byte usage.

Does anyone have a god damn answer? It slows down my PC so bad it’s probably going to make me have to force my pc to shut down.

Was unsure if it was KB, I’m a bit relieved knowing it is.

Yes, over a million KB, or 1.5 gigs.

Wow, if I could get GMod to run on only 1.5 MB mem usage, I’d be rich!

Obviously these numbers are in KB, not Bytes, and you’re hitting 1.5GB.

So, my god damn answer: Addons are the be all and end all of any GMod weirdness. If GMod is ever doing anything it shouldn’t, an addon is the cause. Move them all out, then replace a few at a time and try again until you find the problematic addon.

Ah but it’s not just GMod actually, although not as bad, TF2 will also randomnly use up about twice or third the amount it should. (e.g. 0.3 turns to 0.7)

Well duh, when you join a server it has to initialize all the variables used for the game. It also depends on addons/gamemode.

No, I’m aware it does that.

What you’re not understanding is that the games are playing fine, but then all of a sudden, randomnly, the memory usage will spike up alot for no reason.

Because it needs to loads map/models/sounds etc. into the ram?


Also, edicts (Or whatever they are called) take up ram…

You didn’t say randomly, you said when joining a server. Obviously RAM usage will go up when loading a map, your addons and gamemodes.

Unused memory is wasted memory.

Thanks lets slow our pc’s down even more.

Firefox is using 352,600 memory O.o the rest are low…

When i close firefox speeds up again