Getting serious about Rust suggestions. [Graphic Concepts that you may already have seen.]

Hello, In here we post our suggestions and ideas, to maybe affect the games future aestethic and mechanic.

Much of the reason why i created this thread was to show off my concepts, you may have seen them before. Firstly;

Mutant Animals[/thumb]

Radiation and pollution could have produced horrific amalgamations of livestock, wildlife and housepets, These would be the most common of creatures in the game, prowling the landscape hunting players and each other. Possibly having small skirmishes against each other. And could be attracted to a fresh kill made by a player, nescessitating speed, and making staying alive all the more hard.

One idea would be that the most common creature, possibly a ‘swarmer’ sort of creature, maybe rat-like creatures the size of dogs, would shun fire/bright lights and be less active during the day. Making players less keen to running around in the dark at night without a flare out, and would huddle around campfires. Meaning also that sneaking up on a camp at night could fail spectacularly.

Mutant Humans (Basically the new zombies)

Former people who have been deformed by the wasteland without having the good fortune to die. These creatures stalk the land, perhaps from what remains of their brains compelling them to find help. Or perhaps from an urge to find opportunities to haphazardly shovel meat into their gullets.

Possibly they could be changing into unique species in their own right, maintaining breeding populations. Finding an odd symbiosis with the radiation, or exploiting a newfound resistance to pools of corrosive toxic waste in order to stay out of biting distance of their neighbors snapping jaws.

Manmade Monsters

Pouring into the landscape from smoldering concrete complexes far below, these horrific products of long-dead governments, meant to explore biology and the means to control it, Are upsetting whatever natural balance the world might be trying to restore, brutal experimentation on their swollen, formaldehyde-preserved shapes have haredened their skin and ereased any semblance of whatever they might have once been.

Possibly they could be crude meldings of machine and lifeform, The two lowest concepts being an endevour to produce small robotic vessels that could soundlessly glide through the deep water, seeking out lone submarines and cut the big machine apart. Now haphazardly dragging its way across the ground, the thing inside it that once was a person now living out its artificially maintained life in agony and anger.

Wild people of the wasteland

Mutants and Madmen who might have gathered together in an effort to eek out a slightly more comfortable existance, reverting to a tribal lifestyle, creating colorful explainations for their misfortune and why the world they know once existed was destroyed, stalking, hunting and killing the denizens they share the landscape with, salvaging and shaping the world around them. Learning the land, becoming masters of it. and ofcourse, gathering stockpiles of loot that might draw the attention of players.

Looks good.

Some of the infected/zombie sort of creatures look really cool.

Did you make these yourself?

Really like those ideas, would fit in perfect in this post-apocalypse world.
But I don’t like the mechanic-robot looking thing. I can’t see how it fits into the world.

Otherwise, very nice!

The robotic ones are kinda cool, could really bring the game from 1990, to 2090, like make it more futuristic and maybe this could open to other possibilities to building robots to build certain stuff for you


Fantastic art and ideas.

Would you like to use these as an entry in my contest?

Nah, ill let the others have a chance.

Radiation = Extraordinary limb extension?

In all seriousness, very creative! I like very much.

Love the concept art. Bottom row third from the right is my favorite. It reminds me of a mob from “The Secret World”.

Those “mutant humans” are awesome, especially the third drawing and the fifth drawing. It’s all really good overall. Great concepts.

Sweet dude.

Those look like some really good concepts, and if you made them all yourself than kudos to you.

I really hope you already have a key for this, because if not, it’ll be assumed that this was an attempt for one, and then it won’t get the attention that you wanted.

It’s as if you painted it without giving a shit but got a good and detailed result in return, excellent. Especially in this one

really talented (speed?)painting going on here.

mad props to you sprockethead

They are gorgeous, These should deff be in the game. Great work :slight_smile:

Jesus Christ it’s a survival game not a player’s worst nightmare XD

Great concepts but damn the game would be filled with horror xD