Getting shot crashes the game.

I was playing with my friend one day, everything was fine. The next time we played if anyone got shot (including bots) my game would instantly crash. Any suggestions?

Have you tried to reinstall?

Yeah i reinstalled it overnight, sorry for not mentioning that. It still does it which leads me to believe that somethings probably wrong on my PC

Did you download any addons or any programs before this?
Like before you played gmod again-

No, i cleared the addons and it still did it. But his DID transfer something to mine, something that might notve been in the addons, im not sure.

Have you tried to remove the whole gmod folder and reinstall?

I uninstalled and reinstalled. If thats what you mean.

Did you left click game in steam and delete local content?
Then you can double click witch will install it again.

Delete your entire Garrysmod folder in steam/steamapps/name and then reinstall it.

Also try this

If it doesn’t work just think of it as ultra realism mode! This time you don’t respawn when shot.

That is the most awesome idea evar. Just join games without guns :v:

Alright so i did all that, i deleted everything reinstalled, verified the files and what not. It still does it, but running in Dx7 does fix it, but it worked fine b4 on dx9.

dont call me a retard (just rate me sexy hearts) for saying this but…
are you using a real version of steam/gmod?