Getting Sick of history servers getting deleted.

i am not understanding that whenever i put a lot of time into building and searching for stuff my history servers get wiped and now i cant go back to the server i was on. most of the servers have such generic names that i dont remember the names of the servers. i think they really need to implement their favorite server function so people like me can stop losing days of work. and hey it may only be happening to me i dont know but its starting to get annoying.

Try to remember the name and IP of the servers you play on and write them down.

You can manually connect to a server’s IP at the menu by pressing F1 and typing net.connect ip:port

Yup, It been happening to me aswell, in the meantime while they are fixing the issue, just hit F1 after you log in and make a note of the IP address, and the when your history gets deleted just use the “net connect” command with the IP addy u made a note of.

net.reconnect will take you to last server and avoids pinging thousands of servers

how do you clean your server history?

I just have a text file with all the servers i play on, so then i know exactly what they are called and their IP so i can just copy and paste it into the F1 console once the game has started :slight_smile:

They have discussed this officially a few times… if the server you play on isn’t on the current patch it will not show under history until it IS patched. Once they patch it shows just fine.

Was there a new patch this morning? My history was fine yesterday night and now today all 7-8 servers have been wiped from it.

edit: I just looked through the servers list and at least 2 of the servers I’ve recently played on are still up but my history is empty.

If the servers are missing from your history it means they’ve changed addresses, or they are down, or they aren’t up to date.

I would love to have this bug. Can someone share this bug with my game so I can clear my damn history list? K thanks.

maybe he’s trying to tell you that the history is not working. happened to me before :wink:

That’s exactly what he’s saying actually. He said right above garry’s post that he sees 2 of the servers he’s played on in the server list, but not his history. Makes me wonder if it’s even storing them (as I assume they’re stored in a file somewhere). That’d be a Windows permission issue at that point, right?

Hey Garry, I think the history list may have a bug. My server history (7-8 servers) was completely empty even though I could see several of the servers under the community/modded lists. Their IPs were not changed.
The servers reappeared on my history list after I restarted the game twice.
This happened yesterday morning and I was playing up until late the night before. Unless there was some sort of patch in that ~6 hour time window I don’t think the servers were outdated. All of the servers in my history spontaneously reappeared at the same time.