Getting some error so i cant play .

Anyone got a fix for this or do i have to kill my goat as a sacrifice to the devil so i can get back on

Dissconected: obejeckt reference not set to instance of an objekt at heldentity. onHolster () [0x0000] <in file unkown >:O
at HeldEntity.OnHolster () [0x0000] <in file unkown >:O at BaseNetworkarble.NetworkDestroy () [0x0000] <in file unkown >:O
at Client.OnGroupDestroy (Network.Message msg) [0x0000] <in file unkown >:O
at Client.OnNetworkMessage (Netword.Message packet) () [0x0000] <in file unkown >:O
at Network.implementation.Racket.Client.HandleMessage () [0x0000] <in file unkown >:O

same here, some people on reddit as well

same :frowning:

ahh OK. just posted the same thing on another thread! At least its common!

A build just came out like a min ago that should fix these.