Getting SSTRP to work properly.

Hello, I own a server, and am currently trying to get Starship Troopers RP to run on it. We’ve got everything installed, and config’d properly(or so we think). Anyway, when we get to the option of creating a character, fill all fields out, it won’t pass the point of when you’re to hit the ‘Continue’ button and then load in/play. I’ve checked out console, but we’re not getting any error codes. So, that’s why we think it’s config’d, or could it be that the SQL doesn’t accept global IP’s? Not sure, that’s why I’m asking for help. And as a side note, we’re also having issues with the weapons loading, they say something in the lua about ‘derived from nonexistant SWEP’ or something, but they still appear locally as if they worked, not that bad of an issue, but it’d be great if we could get some assistance on this too.

Also: I know that it runs on Nexus, and it’s no longer supported, but we’ve really hit a wall here and have no where else to turn at this point. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please and Thank you!


We’re pulling our hair out about this, we’re looking for ANYTHING we can do on this.

Please note that the mod you mentioned is not a part of Garry’s Mod. This section does not forbid to ask question about Third-Party addons. However, you might get an faster answer by contacting the developer direclty. Many third-party addons even have a forums where you can ask questions.