Getting Started again :)

Hey everyone been quite some time since I last played Garrys Mod but decided to start again noticing that alot of more freedom have been added.

I convinced 5 of my friends to start playing garrys mod, but since it’s a long time since I played it, when I last played it, it was version 3, so would really love to get some help getting started again.

The help I’m looking for is which addons is a “must” have and such, but also my friends and I will really love to play spacebuild and we are huge fans of stargate and would really appreciate if you would link the addons we need for it, we would really like anything made for spacebuild and stargate :smiley:

Just to recap what kind of addons I’m looking for:

*The Must have (Something to give more precision when Creating stuff and such)
*Stargate (Everything)
*Spacebuild (Everything)

Would prefere if you would post the links for the addons, and might sound noobish but would like to also know the shorthen name of the addon :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance to this great community and it’s great to be back :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: But still a little confused about an addon called easypresision (Correct me if I’m wrong) is it worth getting? because I remember it could be a pain aiming in the older gmod.

Well it is a tool that well it helps in building it has many tools combined into one (like weld, moving a part to another, ballsocket ect.) it just adds… well better precision to your building I recommend it, also get (Smart Snap? I think thats what its called it is a grid that is on props to also help with building).

Welcome back :smiley:

Would really like to know which addons I need for Spacebuild such as maps and addons. minium requirements and additional addons for it, and also stargate and extra for it :slight_smile:


Is Gcombat system worth getting? since we are 5 people which would like to battle eachother in our ships we create and such. and where to get it.

What is Laser STOOL? and is it useful for Spacebuild and stargate? and where to get it.

What does CAF stand for?

Hope you will help me. :smiley:

You don’t need to get Easy Precision. It’s included in PHX3.

Here’s a list of useful addons:

Edit: CAF is short for Custom Addon Framework. It’s a framework which SB3 and co. uses.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I got 3 questions more for the awesome community which I hope you will answer :slight_smile:

  1. Where do I get GCombat Extended? (Link prefered :))
  2. Is there a way to remove the limit of 2 max of E.g. Lifesupport props, I know when I start sandbox up I can set it to 100 for all props from Gmod, but this does not seem to include Stargate props, Lifesupport props and such.
  3. Which map should we use for spacebuild? (Link Prefered)

Hope you’ll help :smiley:

1: It’s in the list of suggested addons I posted.
2: You’d have to either ask its creator, check readmes, use the “find” command in your console, or search the lua files for it.
3: Gooniverse is one of the best maps imo:

Thanks, But can’t seem to find the SVN link or download link for GCombat extended in your post:

But you really helped solve almost all my problems and questions I had, I really appreciate it :smiley:

Hm yeah you’re right, it’s not on my SVN tutorial. However, there is a link on the tutorial to a wiki page with pretty much all the Gmod SVN links on it.