Getting Started Help

Most of the time, when I’m freshly spawned, I die within 10 minutes, or if I do survive I get raided because my base isn’t good enough to defend for itself. Could anyone help me with a basic amount of things I should gather (# of wood before building things, stone amount, base building tips, stuff like that)? I would appreciate it greatly, and hopefully it will help others out too! Thanks :slight_smile:

whenever u spawn look around u and get to know the are a little, see if there are any resources ( wood/stone) and pigs nearby, if that is not the case i would suicide until u get to a good are where u can get a good start) Get enough wood/stone to build a stone hatchet ( usually requires 1 woodpile and 2 stones to get enough, but really depends) use that hatchet to kill a pig for food, build a campfire, after its done eat the food, get more wood, build a bow, some arrows, hunt wolfs zombies or deer for more food. if there are any mountains closeby i would build my hatchet behind the stones, hide it really good, also make a sleeping bag that u can spawn back on in case u do die, put a storage in ur shelter and always spli what u have, keep half on u and half in ur shelter so u dont lose everything, also dont sleep in ur shelter so if u get raided and ur not in ur shelter u might still live and have still half ur stuff ( hide good when u logg out aswell). next thing is to really just hoard wood and get some stone for metal ore ( but mostly wood really). you should be able to build everything u need for a house if ur shelter is hidden really good. now its time to find a place to make your real house. find an are with resources, food, radioactivity/zombies because thats optimal! also an area that u can easily recognize in case u die and dont have a sleeping bag in place etc. etc. that u will definitely recognize, explore the area and remember it. once u have found that take ur stuff and build ur house, i would start getting ur stuff at sunset so u arive at the place u want ur house at at night so u can build away), make sure it has a metal door in it! and dont leave the top open, put a ceiling on it!