Getting started with GMod

Yea i played Gmod on my friends computer and i loved it so i wanted to buy it… But he said its a HL2 mod and i need HL2 to play it, also i was going to buy the CS:S Gmod bundle on steam but since my friend told me it only works with HL2 should i buy the HL2 bundle instead of the CS:S bundle?

Either way it’ll work, as long as you have a source game

Ok so i i buy CS:S will i be missing any files/textures?

I don’t think so, don’t quote me on it though.

It should still give you access to the source models/materials/sounds.

ok thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You’ll only have HL2 things, and CS:S if you mount them.

How do i mount CS:S?

It’s done automatically, don’t worry.

Ok thanks for the help :slight_smile: i cant wait to get the CS:S + GMod bundle tomorrow!