Getting started with Sandbox game mode?

I’ve had this game since about 2008 and never got into it. I just re-downloaded it and love TTT, RP, Jailbreak, etc.

However, sometimes I get the urge to build some stuff, but the same that happened on 2008 happens; I don’t know where or how to start.

I’ve looked for things on YT and most videos are poorly made, or just too specific (ie: how to build a trapdoor) instead of just general basics and help.


Get a friend with you. Single player sandbox isn’t necessarily that fun; I only play it when working on something. If you truly want to enjoy the silliness and limitless potential of gmod you need a few buds with you and you can do crazy shit like vehicle battles and stuff.

have you never played with lego or knex or meccano or any sort of building-block toy in your life or something

i mean really

its just a case of using your imagination and creativity

What if we have no creativity/imagination? [my case]

then i guess sandbox is not the gamemode for you? it’s entirely based on creativity and imagination.
there’s no how-to guide on being creative - someone could teach you all the ins-and-outs of the tools in photoshop, but with no imagination or creativity you’re not going to make anything interesting happen on the canvas.

It’s sad because it’s Garry’s Mod main gamemode, and I like Garry’s Mod.

If you are on your own.
And it is a deathmatch server.
You know what to do.