Getting started

I’ve been modelling for about a week now thanks to some kinda fellows on interlopers.

I’ve been following a few tuts and have made a lot of progress on a Colt 1911.

However, I fucked it up massively and am unable to correct my mistake.

I then attempted an SM8 as practise and fucked that up as well.

I need some thing to model but I don’t really know what.

I want something that has relatively simple geometry while being challenging. Preferable not a gun as they’re getting pretty old and I would like something to include in a map.

Also, can someone please direct me a tutorial on modelling people and animals. I’m using XSI 7.5.

Thanks in advance.


Simple but challenging thing to model? Try a sword. Pretty straightforward geometry, but some can get quite complex.

Can’t help you with tutorials for animals or people, though.

to be honest, organic stuff comes over time. Once you are comfortable with the modeling program you use, it’ll all come. I used to model weapons alot, then got bored so moved onto, modeling cars, hands, bodies… then look at anatomy etc… and most importantly typology… but it all comes over time :smiley: