Getting stuck in ceilings when exiting vehicles?

This seems like the next obvious fix, to me. When you get out of a normal vehicle, like an airboat or a jeep, it’s impossible to accidentally get stuck. But for the chair vehicles, you can easily get stuck in the ceiling. Is there a way to make it check if it’s about to place you inside part of the map, and if so, place you somewhere else? I suggest making it stick you in part of the map, though, if there’s no where to put you (as opposed to being stuck in the chair) and making it not count if it puts you in a non-map entity (this is to keep it from breaking people’s contraptions).

On the same note, would it be possible to make it so that you can get out of an airboat or jeep, even if there’s something in the way? Sometimes when I make a contraption using one of those, there are props blocking me that are attached, and I have to undo my contraption or kill myself to escape. This can also be used by mingebags to trap people in vehicles, forcing them to suicide.

There is a download that fixes that on

What’s it called? I don’t know what to look for.

ya but then youd have the problem of getting stuck in a wall

Then exit at the spawn :downs: