Getting stuck in holes

In the mountains the are some holes you can’t climb out of.
PLEASE devs, remove these holes or add a way to climb out of them, even when there’s no space to build shit to step on.

Alpha, the map isn’t complete, etc etc. Don’t climb on top of rocks unless you have to.

I’ve only found 1 hole in the mountains and that’s by the big rad city. Where’d you find your hole at?

hahahaha I find it funny that the thread above this one was “retard?” at the time i read the posts

Not directed at anyone in particular

Real life there are holes you can’t climb out of, I don’t understand the problem. Please devs don’t cater to all the carebear problems. Learn to play. Suicide is made for a reason.

  • place a box, large box, barricade, spike wall, workbench, shelter, or some combination of these, and climb out
  • get a friend to bring you the above, and climb out
  • get a friend to place a box at the edge, put your things in it, and suicide to get out
  • place the box yourself if possible and do the same
  • try placing a sleeping bag to make that easier (may be harder to place while jumping, since last patch)
  • if you can’t place any of those, try a foundation. It’ll change the level of the ‘ground’ which may give more space for placing; it’ll also give you the possibility of jumping from box to pillar then out.
  • if you have no friends and no building resources… Do your best to get your bearings, suicide then come back with something to try and get your gear with (see ‘box on edge’ tip above), or avail yourself of a stranger’s help and hope for the best.

If you lack resourcefulness and the ability to think through your options, you may not like this game once it’s properly balanced and people actually have to play Rust instead of CoD:Rust.

I fell into a hole yesterday and there is no way to place barricades etc.
When you fall you are simply dead and this is not necessary
Remove the holes please!

Keep the holes to catch the noobs that die to the environment.

I usually carry a wood foundation on the off chance this happens. Yeah, there ends up a “useless” foundation in a hole, but I got out at least without suicide. At least until a server wipe no one else can get stuck in there. And if someone tries to use it to build a Hole House, then that is just funny.

Same problem twice… Well it was kind of funny when you think of it.

Deal with it… Most of you keep forgetting that this is a survival game, not a Multiplayer FPS.

You can’t survive because you fell in a hole, your problem.