Getting Sued -Copyright Models/Materials

I am designing a Roleplay map for my clan because we are making a Roleplay game play server, however i was asking my leader about using actual store names/logos but he happens to be stubborn and will not allow me to use actual names of companys. Everyone copyrights when they make RP maps like Evocity with BP and KFC, he wouldnt budge.

When i started to talk to him about what type of car pack we are going to use he said absolutey no because he thinks that all the car packs are stolen from GTA and racing games so, i have to make him 15 cars from scratch.

Two clan members have tried to convince him that were not going to be sued for having copy righted material and that he needs to open up a little.
He also refused to let me take images off Google Images because he says "that would be Stealing as well as the models on which i think is crazy.

Can someone Please tell him that hes going a little over on the copy right.

I seriously doubt anyone is gonna sue over something trivial like that, even more so since its not being sold. I say go on with your plans of using any model on this site or If he goes apeshit over it, then you know your leader is too incompetent to lead the clan.

He definatly shouldn’t be a clan leader.

How old is he?

Need this information to solve your problem.

16 years of age

This is your problem.

Make your mind up.

Nobody cares about copyright on that level.

Thank you, my father was saying that aswell.


The more people posting the better, please feel free to place a post for what you think of this.

Thank you

Make a map that seemingly looks awesome, but give him a .bsp full of real-life logos, names, etc just to see what happens.

(Moving around constantly)

Watch him flip out.

Im good at designing buildings, i’ve made the best buy that looks amazing with many custom best buy logos and i’m finishing up the BP gas station and the it has about 7 custom textures. The best buy will have around 15 textures of video games and real-life electronics plus all the best buy advertisement on the outside. :]

If I make an animation with a Mario model that got ripped from Brawl and show it to someone to get a job in animation would they allow it?

THAT would get you in trouble! If it’s for a job, better to make everything from scratch. If it’s for Garry’s Mod, port Port, PORT!!

Wow, sounds like he’s ignorant about this more than anything.

They won’t sue, but they might ask you to take it down.

I hexed a Lara Croft model a long time ago and my filefront account was closed and they sent legal stuff to my yahoo mail. But since I use that for junk and post absolutely no personal info on the internet, there’s no way they can find me unless they really want to. But they have much more important things to do.

Actually, I remember somebody made some Red Bull Air Racing skins for some of the aircraft in Il-2 and they got sent a C&D from Red Bull’s lawyers. They won’t sue straight off, but there’s nothing to stop them taking some level of legal action. It’s unlikely but it could happen.

Uh, A LOT of the content in gmod is imported from other games, anyone sued? no

Well, at least nobody cares. Sticking too much to copyright laws (and what not to emblazon on a mod) certainly means that you’re succumbing to those corporate cartels.

And if they do contact you, Use Fair use on there asses

Inless there not a American Company… Then your screwed

As long as you don’t distribute the map/models for money, you can’t be sued.

Not saying you’re going to, but if you use any of my stuff (most is actually on fpsbanana) tell him it’s okay because I made it and I release it to the world with no strings attached. So if you like my textures or custom models in any of my maps you can extract them with pakrat and use them in your map.