Getting Sweps into hammer?

Im trying to get the Css realistic weapons into the Base gamemode?

so when i load up hammer i can place those weapons in my map…

I don’t know if you can. Since the Sweps are LUA coded, and hammer doesn’t use LUA, I don’t think you can. If there were a Garry’s Mod engine option in hammer, then you should be able to, but since Garry’s Mod runs on the HL2 engine, It’d be pretty obsolete…

Create an entity named the name of the CSS realistic weapon’s folder, so for example, to create an ak-47 it would be named “weapon_real_cs_ak47”

Any entity (yes, weapons are entities) you wanted included in a map you follow this method:

  1. Get to the right directory it will be in the path lua/entites/, for example addons/DurgzMod/lua/entities.
  2. Look for the folder of the entity you want in your map
  3. Copy the name of this folder
  4. Create an entity in hammer and rename it to this
  5. Compile your vmf and the entity will be where you placed it in hammer.

so like this…


went to addons/CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0/lua/entities/

all i see are


it didn’t work when i named the ar2 weapon_real_cs_ak47

No, you don’t make an AR2, you create an entity named that, so instead of “weapon_ar2” or whatever it’s named it would be named what you need it to be, not in the “name” slot in the entity control area. So the “Class” text box should read “weapon_real_cs_ak47.”

Well, lets say one of my sweps isn’t in entities, and It only has a shared.lua in a folder. How would I go about that?

That SWEP shouldn’t work at all if it has no folder.