Getting terrible speeds from - All of a sudden

Hi there everyone, just of recently (later than when he switched to S3) my DL speed from dropped to around 5-3 kb/sec. That is terrible. I know it’s not me, because I can get 1MB/sec download from google code. So what’s up?

EDIT: Ok, it looks like they’re actually IP limiting me for some reason. Just tried a proxy and I got .5MB/sec. So what’s going on here?

Same here, getting less than that its saying 20 hours to download a 31MB Deathrun map pack. Weird.

YES VERY SLOW. hmm i wonder why :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, it seems pretty obvious to me that they’ve started rate limiting certain ips. For now, just use proxies, cause they work fine. I recommend

EDIT: Kingman, are you hinting at something?

All you gotta do is find the url of the download with something like DownThemAll. Then remove the from the url, and you will get full download speeds.

100% sure it works.

Ok, but the problem still exists, that’s not necessarily fixing it.