Getting text of derma text entry

I want to get the text entered into a derma text entry as a variable. When I try to use GetValue() it either gets the value of the text displayed in the box as the SetText() value or when there is no SetText() value, GetValue() returns as blank. Is there any way where I can have GetValue() = the current text typed in the box?

Give us the code.
Else, that depens on where you use the GetValue(). If you use Hide() function or something like that, the value can becomes void. Try to use print( MyText:GetValue() ) after you type your text, and use that at different places of your code, then you will see when the value becomes “blank”.
Also, use the GetValue(), GetText() will becomes increasingly obsolete.

If your first print has no text, just after you type your text, try to use that :

MyText.OnEnter = function()
	local thevalue = MyText:GetValue()
        print( thevalue )

If that works, that is just a problem of recording of the value.

Good luck!

Thanks for the help

That’s normal.