Getting the 2nd argument, and the following arguments after.

Eyy, so I’v been stuck on this for about nearly an hour now. And I was hoping I could get some assistance with this. I’m trying to get the 2nd Argument and the following (3rd,4th,5th,ect)
And I just can’t seem to get it to work. Any help would be highly appreciated.

	if ( IsValid( _match ) && _match:IsPlayer( ) ) then
		for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
			v:PlayerMsg(Color(0,200,200),_match:Nick() .. ' has been kicked by ' ..ply:Nick().. ' for ' ..table.concat(args,' ')) -- Right here 
		--_match:Kick( table.concat(args[2],' ') )
		ply:PlayerMsg(Color(200,0,0),'No player found!!')

Right now, it shows "D3NNYM41C01M has kicked Bot02 for ‘Bot02 testing args again’

[lua]table.concat(args, ’ ', 2)[/lua]

table.concat (3rd argument: startPos)

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Oh yeah, if you care about performance, declare the message contents once instead of for every player connected:

if ( IsValid( _match ) && _match:IsPlayer( ) ) then
local packed = {
Color(0, 200, 200),
_match:Nick() … ’ has been kicked by ’ … ply:Nick() … ’ for ’ … table.concat(args, ’ ', 2)

for k,v in pairs (player.GetAll()) do
	v:PlayerMsg(unpack(packed)) -- Right here 

ply:PlayerMsg(Color(200, 0, 0), ‘No player found!!’)

Not like it’ll make much of a difference, but still good to do

Worked out great, thanks for the help.