Getting the Half-life 2 campaign into gmod

As far as I know this isn’t possible - by that I mean getting the entire campaign to load level after level, with every trigger perfectly … triggering. The half-life 2 campaign imported into gmod is full of clitches and crashes from time to time.
Although it’s far fetched it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Therefore I’m asking;
Is there a way of perfectly importing the Half-Life 2 campaign glitch-free into gmod - or opposite?

Once, me and my friend decided to play the whole HL2 campaign on gmod, on multiplayer, using CSS guns. Still, the best thing we could do to avoid glitches, was, after start every level, input “ent_fire trigger_changelevel kill” to avoid get crashed. and then, we kept going.

When we ever noticed that a path leaded to a dead end, we knew that was a changelevel, so we changeleved it manually by console, yeah, pretty work-around, but that worked fine.

Still, there was some problems to load maps like the canals, everytime we tried, we got overflow’d. So we skipped the canals part, but from ravenholm to the rest of the game, it worked fine.

Sometimes, we also needed to input console hacks in order to make a npc like barney or alyx do what they were supposed to, since we were in multiplayer…

But that was the BEST we could do. Hope it helps you a bit…

It works fine for me. exactly as it preforms in hl2