Getting the HitBox of a bone?

Hello. I was looking getting the ent:GetHitBoxBone().

However, it returns the bone based on the hitbox, instead of the hitbox based on the bone. I’ve already written up a code to get the hitbox based on my bone. But is there a function already out there for this or an easier way of doing it?
(I.E running less loops and lines of code, even though I assume the loops will still run if such a function exists)

My code:

        local JSHBGroups = ply:GetHitBoxGroupCount() -- The amount of groups of hitboxes in the ent
    local JSHBXS = {} -- My little table to store the hitboxs I need
    JSHBXS.LeftHandHB = {}
    JSHBXS.RightHandHB = {}

    for k=0, JSHBGroups - 1 do -- Loops through all the hitbox groups with i = the hitbox group num
        local HBCount = ply:GetHitBoxCount(k) -- The amount of hitboxes in the hitbox group
        for v=0, HBCount do -- Loop through all the hitboxes in the group 'i'
            -- k now = the hitbox group and v = the hitbox in that group
            local mybone = ply:GetHitBoxBone(v,k) -- Gets a bone based on k,v

            if mybone == RBS.LHand  then -- RBS.LHand is the bone id for Left hand
                JSHBXS.LeftHandHB["Group"] = k
                JSHBXS.LeftHandHB["HB"] = v
            elseif mybone == RBS.RHand then -- Same thing with right hand
                JSHBXS.RightHandHB["Group"] = k
                JSHBXS.RightHandHB["HB"] = v

    for k,v in pairs(JSHBXS) do

        local boneid = ply:GetHitBoxBone(v["HB"], v["Group"]) -- HB first, then group
        print(ply:GetBoneName(boneid)) -- Prints the bone from the bone ID we got from the hitbox we checked