Getting the kill without touching the enemy yourself?

Hey there title might be a bit vague so Ill try to explain it as best as I can

In a map I am making I want a player to use a special item that kills enemies with something like a trigger hurt.
What I want however is for the players to actually get these kills. In the likes of it showing in the topright that this player killed those enemies.

I have seen this in action and I know that this work, however I tried to decompile the map that I saw this in without succes.
The map I’m talking about is deathrun_jetpack
If you go ct in this map, get to the end and press the “kill terrorists” button all the terrorists get killed but the game registers that you killed them somehow.
You also get MVP for most kills so the game really registers that you killed them.

Does anyone know how this is done or can anyone decompile it without failure and send the vmf to me please my hammer crashes when I try to open the decompiled vmf.

Thank you

It’s decompiled, so that’s why it’s crashing. You should try to get the actual VMF, if the author is even around anymore, or if he/she even has it.

I have decompiled many many maps. I even decompiled this map 3-4 years ago and it worked then. But I didnt understand it then and since I have more experienced now I thought I’d might understand it now. But somehow now it doesnt work when opening the map. It might have something to do with how old the bsp file is in comparison with the new bsp’s

use point_hurt

Thank you good sir this almost does what I want.

the point_hurt “hurts” people in a specific radius. I was wondering If I could make it so this point_hurt only works in a specified trigger. This way its easier to control this.

Now what you can do is give players a targetname and make this point_hurt only do damage to that Entity but I really want this to just simply work with a trigger.

Thank you!

I’m sorry, but even as useless as this is, I have to put this out there: I read the title as “Getting the kill without touching yourself”. I really need some sleep.

Had to attract people into this thread somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone found a way yet to do this with triggers and not a entity with a radius?

Try this since I got nothing else: Make a trigger_hurt and a filter, in the filter, set the filter value thing to !player or player and set the filter of the trigger_hurt to the one you made before, and make the trigger_hurt start disabled, then make a button and add OnPress Trigger_hurt name enable.

I’m not sure what you thought this would do but from what I tried It did nothing at all. And besides it doing northing it basicly seems like you are trying to create a trigger hurt that hurt all players inside which is what a normal trigger hurt already does.
Thank you for trying.

I sadly think that having a trigger do the work for you is not possible with this.
However I can make it happen when giving players a targetname lets say I have a special Item and I activate it I put a trigger multiple where I want the “damage” to be and give the players inside a targetname. With this I activate the point_hurt to kill the targetname I gave and then Ill have to reset the targetname of these players.

I do want to know if anyone knows this. Do Counter-terrorist and terrorist start with a targetname?
eg. does a CT have a default targetname of “counter-terrorist” and does a T have a default targetname of “terrorist” or something along the lines of this. This way I can also Filter a whole team instead of giving terrorist and counter-terrorist a targetname when they start in my level.
I’m thinking about zombie escape maps where only zombie need to be killed by special item.

no. player entities do not have any specific targetnames by default.

that’s done with filter_activator_team.