Getting the "pistol" part of the viewmodel

I would like to get rid of the “pistol” part of the swep, but idk how.
When I receive the viewmodel it is with the hands, when I would like to have a pistol part of models/weapons/v_pistol.mdl
Is there a function or something?
Thanks :smiley:

There is no simple way to do this, however, you can do some very hacky bone manipulating in a clientside BuildBonePositions callback to the viewmodel (

Entity:AddCallback). Essentially, you have to scale all bones related to the actual pistol model to 0 with

Entity:ManipulateBoneScale, then move their position with

Entity:SetBonePosition to their first visible parent.

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But it would be easier to just edit the model in Blender.

You could override the submaterial of your viewmodel at the needed index to be a fully transparent material or something

Maybe use the c_pistol variant? That one comes with the hands removed by default

He wants the pistol removed, not the hands.

Sorry, got confused with what he said in the second sentence, kinda contradicting the first one