Getting the place where a trace using Util.TraceLine collides with something.

I’m trying to find the location where a trace collides with when being drawn with trutil.TraceLine.

I want the trace to start from the player, trace to an object. When it hits the object it gets the location where it collided and it traces up.

	local tr = {} 
	tr.start = self:GetPos() 
	tr.endpos = (self:GetPos() + Vector(-200, 0, 0))
	tr.filter = self
	trace = util.TraceLine(tr) -- Return result 

If say, it collides something at the Vector(-150,0,0), how would I get that location so that I can make it begin the trace up?

**[TraceRes](** is the wiki page you’re looking for.

Oh duh, wasn’t thinking when I saw that page. Now I see how to do it.
Thank you, good sir.