Getting the Z-vector of the surface under the player?

Title says it all, currently I am running 9 different traces downwards (in the corners and middle of players hull) but its very glitchy and if I were to walk into something from a weird angle it wouldn’t detect it so its just very unstable. Is there any way to do a full trace in the size of the players hull instead of having to use like 512 traces downwards?

this maybe?

LMAO why are you adding watermark, like why would we steal your image

He probably has to as part of the license he got to use that fidget spinner imagery!

(on topic: as >>oubliette<< said, TraceHull should work)

You know, I put in alot of work in my art and I need to make sure nobody steals that hard work from me.

Btw I got it to work using the util.TraceHull, thanks! :slight_smile:

In most countries (as far as I can tell, sweden too), you get copyright even without the © symbol. So it’s useless either way.

This isn’t art, it’s a diagram to explain your problem; a diagram that becomes a lot harder to understand with an obnoxious watermark shoved over the top.

Unless someone is having the exact same problem as you and needs a diagram to explain it, they’re not going to “steal” your “art”. Even if they wanted to, they’d have to come to this thread to find it where they’d find the answer to their problem anyway.

I hope you understand it was sarcasm :hurr:

It still makes it difficult to read your image.

To be honest I didn’t even notice the copyright thing, I was distracted by the blurry red text partially on top of red shapes. Lots of thought went into that. The creative use of spinners was also amusingly distracting!