Getting tired of the build gun error spam.

Should i just delete wire or something because its getting annoying witht he spam of the lua errors.

I don’t think there are any other fixes for the LUA error box, or the errors caused by the “Build Gun”, I recommend deleting wiremod or just coping with it.

Or it’s that he has an old release of an aimbot downloaded off that did precisely that

Revision 2077 of wiremod fixes the errorspam, though it has to be installed serverside.

Uninstall wire-mod. Reinstall it and update it with the SVN. Make sure you’re in Offline mode. This will evidentially fix your problem. You’re welcome.

You don’t need to be in offline mode.

hi i know this doesent have eneything to do with what ur talking about but my steam profile was hijacked (hacked) by one of my steam friends so i wonder if eney one know eney steam hacker program to pay back???

what the fuck

If it still works, despite the errors, then you can use this to hide them.

Oh, well I thought you had to be in offline mode. I was in offline mode lol. So I was just assuming.
For the guy with the problem of being hacked.
Report your problem to and tell them the problem. Tell them the person that hacked you and their IP along with Steam name will be banned. You should make sure your password doesn’t suck dick either. iluvballs9 isn’t a good password…
I should probably change my password :[