Getting warmed

Is that a scenebuild or some map?

Of course a scenebuild. Everything I do is scenebuild pretty much.

Any C&C is appreciated.

I like the idea, and it’s well executed exept for the emptyness and the odd posing on the rightmost guy. Either a closer zoom or a few more soldiers and clutter would’ve made it better imo.

Compositionally it’s a bit off - it definitely does need something small and light to the left to balance it out. I’d also shift the frame to the right a little to bring more of that rightmost wall into the shot so that it’s a bit more nicely framed. Otherwise it’s nice!

Man, this reminds me of the first level of Brothers in Arms : Hell’s Highway.
Great work!

That was the goal.

Looks pretty solid, nice work.

many thanks mate

[sp]it’s anschluss zeit :v[/sp]