Getting your game mode on the Start New Game level list screen?

Hey guys. Relatively new to developing for gmod here and I just have a simple question which I can’t seem to find the answer to on any forum, documentation or anything. Is the only way to get your gamemode to show up in the map list after clicking Start New Game publishing it on the Workshop? It shows up fine in the lower right as usual and plays OK :o

I think I know what you’re asking but can you explain a bit more?

Okay, so when you click on Start New Game in Garry’s Mod, it shows a list on the left where you can select maps specific to various game modes. You have Sandbox, Dystopia, Half-Life 2, etc. Included in this list is, for example, Trouble In Terrorist Town and ObjHunt. I would like my mod to show up in this list but it doesn’t. It does show up in the game-mode selector list in the lower right otherwise.

In the root folder of a gamemode there is a text document. Inside that is the settings for the gamemode. It looks like this:
“base” “base”
“title” “Jailbreak”
“maps” “^jb_, ^ba_”
“menusystem” “1”
The maps part makes it so that these show up under the gamemode names in the new games menu.

This is my gamemode text file:

This mod is a different prophunt-style game :P. Would this conflict with ObjHunt being installed as well? That one shows up, but not mine. I also noticed that in the other tabs, for example, Counter-Strike only has de_* maps showing up. All the cs_* maps are under ObjHunt instead. The gamemode file in ObjHunt has “maps” “^ph_|^cs_|^de_”

Just as a resolution to this thread; Yes the two mods were fighting it out. When I removed ObjHunt my gamemode now shows up in the menu.