Gettings position of hull's center?

I need to get position of npc/hull center.

Ok… starting with a hull. Hull’s position is on the bottom of the hull, not its center, i need to get its center pos(i could do that manually by pointing at a few degrees above the npc’s pos, but id need to do it for all the different hull types, and even then it would still be abit glichy).

If there is no way to get the above, maybe i can get something like its main bone (no idea what im talking about, but you get the idea, aiming at the center of it).

If you’re using ent:OBBMins() and ent:OBBMaxs() to find the hull, you can use ent:OBBCenter().

Thanks, completely forgot about the OBB :confused: anyway… used ent:LocalToWorld(ent:OBBCenter()) and it worked… so thanks :slight_smile: