GetVolume doesn't work on client

When I try to use GetVolume on the client like so
print( Entity(10):GetPhysicsObject():GetVolume()
I get the error

Tried to use invalid object (type IPhysicsObject) (Object was NULL or not of the right type)

Works just fine on the server, and this is annoying because it’s supposed to be a shared function. Anyone have any insight into something I might be doing wrong?

Get the same error for any of the shared physobj function when I try to use it on the client.

Entity 10 doesn’t have a networked / valid physics object.

print( ValidEntity( Entity( 10 ):GetPhysicsObject( ) ) )

Should be false in that case.

Well, it apparently has a Valid physics object on the server. So why can’t I call it on the client?

Becuse it isnt networked, so it dosent exist on client

Only entities that are rendered or have significance on the client are sent to the client.