A simple docks map for the Go fish gamemode.

It is my first attempt at hammer, so give criticism, please.

Flat trees are reptetative and flat. Use models instead of the treecards.

They are part of the cliff model.

For your first time ever, that looks pretty good. You even lighted it it looks like! =O

Try finding a way to fix that weird like at the shoreline though. And instead of having that flat texture for trees, make a 3D skybox. Otherwise, looks pretty good!

holy shit. That’s good for a first map!

Fix what at the shoreline?

Oh sorry, I just noticed that’s sand.The angle of the picture makes it look like there’s a weird gapish thing between the cliff and the water, try to take another screen shot with a higher point of view.

Or you can just download the map :smiley:

Then use displacements for the cliff and use proper tree models on top.

I figured the model looked nice :frowning:

But it doesn’t though, that’s the problem. There’s visible seams where the models meet, and the trees are flat. You can make it look a ton better with some displacements and the proper texture.

howu make ur own map ?

This is the perfect map to build houses in.
I can’t believe this is you’re first map…
Pretty good shit you got here, Mate.

Try google it dumbass. Dont just put a sh*t comment saying “howu make ur own map ?”

Before you start calling people out, Check the post date. :smile:

And don’t censor posts, this s the internet, stop being a wuss.


the trees…

This thread is from July of last year, try reading the post dates, I bet this is dead.