gForum - Forum Registration (SMF, MyBB, XenForo)


  • No longer have to modify tables.
  • Displays forum username, group, and posts.
  • Currently supports 4 (SMF, MyBB, IPB, and XenForo) out of the 5 most popular forum software.
  • All in one addon. Switch at anytime(requires map change).
  • Supports custom mysql table prefixes force by web hosts with one line.
  • Easy to use interface.


Download – svn check out – zip
This addon is currently in beta. I require feedback from the community to fix bugs.

gm_mysqloo – mysql module

Finally! Been waiting on this.

Added a zip extension for those who don’t have svn.

Hopefully the linking account on this one works from your last one.

Looks good, Great Work :slight_smile:

Still working on allowing player to register under xenforo. You can link your account but you can’t register. I’m currently looking into how xenforo serialize’s its hash and salt so I can do it in lua.

Is there gonna be vBulletin compatibility?

I know my reply may seem stupid, but will you have a garrysmod beta version as well? I’m getting a gamemode fixed up and it uses your forum register.

I used your last version of forum register on my PERP3. I paid a friend mod it so it connects forum ranks (from assmod) and have a donation command. Used to be automatic, but the donation thing was causing the database for PERP3 to be slower on loading screen, so we had to make it a command.

But the main problem I had with it was the forum linking. Every player would have to make a new account because the database wasn’t able to find there username.

can you add MySQLOO support please



Already was getting started.

thank you my dear

Currently working on mysqloo support. Added salt generation function. When released all profiles that don’t have salt as well as when registering user will get salt. Was able to generate 2500 character string in less than a second.

I know i’m being picky, but there are a few typo’s and grammar issues, such as “umsg.String(“Registeration Error;That username is already in use.”)” and “umsg.String(“Link Error;Your already linked an account…”)”.

Does this put their steamid in, or communityid? My MyBB forum has a special custom plugin that work’s off’a Community-ID’s to return a steam badge. If not, I can always edit it to my specifications, if you don’t mind?

Another way, couldn’t you directly pass the information to the site’s register.php, using http.Get() ? This would be better, then you could E-mail activate, etc.

Of course grammar is an issue. Also this stores their steamid in a table called ‘prefix’_link. In that table are the users FORUM ACCOUNT ID and USERS STEAMID. So using a plugin that exists all you have to do is add a extra query to look up their steamid.

Also to update this thread a bit I went from 27473 characters in sv_meta.lua to 62762 characters. I’ve also create a thread on xenforo to help me resolve an issues storing user information for xenforo.

Here’s what I consider an important change adding salt direct to the user. I’ve mentioned it in a previous post.

Quick peak of sv_meta.lua – Currently not stable. Alot of stuff still needed to be fixed and changed but for the most part mysqloo is sort of working.

Big update.

Fixed MyBB displaying smf tags.
Fixed grammar mistakes.
Fixed known/reported bugs/issues for mybb and smf.
Added salt for mybb security.
Completed work on XenForo(now working)
Added and Completed mysqlooo support.



hot, thanks

Thanks Aide, should come useful.

If anyone has any suggestions, features, questions, comments, or concerns feel free to leave a post. I plan to start vBulletin work tomorrow for another board/forum support by this addon. Also like to note that for people using xenforo if you account was encrypted with sha1 instead of sha256 in the past updated it looks for sha1 and sha256.

Will be using this for my XF forum, it looks great.


No sign on vBulletin compatability?