GFX and rcon issues

graphics setting of “good” will cause the vid card to drop the video feed. bug or not? any ideas?

have a xfx radeon hd 7770 black edition fyi

and Rcon seems broken, will not accept the login command…guess its a new bug???

I haven’t tried my client since the update, but if there were common bugs that serious, I would expect to see more posts about them on here.

For sure right??? well i think it may be something going on with my server…logged into another and didnt seem to have a problem…still testing tho

Have you updated your server? If so reinstall mods and restarts, if not update it!

Yeah i updated it, uninstalled and reinstalled mods, and then added old configs back in, think thats the issue old configs…

Server configs should be handled by steam update and a reboot, so should be no need to restore old one’s unless you have problems.

I mean motd, whitelist, etc, oh yeah and saved world