Gfx Skip

Skipped rendering frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost)

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does anyone have any suggestions?

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It’s from alt tabbing, right?

no, i just get it when playing

Did you find a cure? I’m getting the same thing. Running an MSI GX70.

Happens with me too.

From what i can gleam from google, this looks like a Unity3d issue. But can’t find FIX.

Maybe try forcing OpenGL, but I only get this issue personally when alt-tabbing. Maybe sometimes when resources load.

Apparently the realtek driver can cause this. I fixed mine by uninstalling/disabling all other sound playback devices. This worked for me. might work for you.

I get this error through out the game. It stresses my graphics card quite heavily. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Post your system specs, someone. This issue is typically one of drivers or alt-tabbing, or both.