gg_dp_ToonTown (CSSource)

A small map I made with self-made textures. One afternoon I had just finished up the latest version of one of my typical dark, ominous maps and thought ‘I should make a cheery, colorful, cartoony map’. And here it is.
It’s a simple map in terms of both layout and aesthetics, consisting of two opposing houses and, how original, crates that provide cover.

V1 download page.

Congratulations, You successfully recreated GoldSrc in Source.

i’m so proud

I’m not sure if you’re being serious.

Pfft, naah.

I don’t get it

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What is it exactly?

Gun Game map.

Sounds about right, most gun game maps are sort of half-assed.

Sadly, this is very much true. Often I get the feeling 90% of them are fullbright devtextured blockfests.

thanks for the boxes