GG_lego - CSS map

Hey there, this is a lego map I made for CSS Gun Game, though I’m sure it could have its uses in Gmod :wink:

Imageshack slideshow, with more pictures, mainly because FPSb won’t update my screen shots!
EDIT FPSb seems to be showing the proper screens now

This is my first released map, I’ve done quite a bit, and this is the first I’ve found suitable to play… let me guys know what you think, and if you make anything with is in Gmod I’d love to see!
You will need CSS to play this, the lights use a window texture from cs_office, if you don’t have CSS they will be the dreaded black/pink squares.

Key Authors
Kris Patrick (K-Anator) - Creation
Special Thanks
BoHaRoX - For the great Lego textures!
Karatekäfer - for a perfect SkyBox!
FPS Banana page

For those that don’t want to wait until I get the map properly fixed:
The SkyBox -

Textures (minus the green floor) -

Floor texture -
(Place both floor [daplate_11.vmt and daplate_11.vmf] texture pieces in the same folder as the boharax textures)

Amazing, did you make the lego textures yourself?

Might wanna read more carefully :stuck_out_tongue:

But thank you for checking it out xD

have a mapping king my friend
oh wait lol

xD I take it artistic then? and who the hell voted it useful? lol

Edit: I’m also thinking of doing a second final version, one with a 3d skybox so its not so “floating lego thingy” like

Looks great. I just wish the lego textures had bumpmaps.


ill give optimistic l

The Lego textures are originally from CTF-SpaceLego for UT2004.

If I knew how to create them I might consider that for the finalV-2. It would help this map out astoundingly.

Lol, thanks… I hope I might see this pop up in some CS:S servers :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you?

This is where I got them from, if you have a problem with where the textures came from, take it up with him

Edit: I did a bit of research and well… Here is a site that had the UT map uploaded in June, and from BoHaRoX’s FPSb submission it was last edited 8 months ago (I can’t seem to find a set upload date), which would put it in October if I can count right… 4 months later. I’m going to message him on FPSb, I’m hoping he hasn’t just completly ripped them off

Hey K-Anator, like I told you earlier, this is a great map. Hopefully you can get tkpmp working and we can get an hl2dm/tkp version on our servers!

it’s too blocky :v:

it’s actually pretty good. i thought that it was going to be a dumb map or something. if there is anything to complain about it’s that it’s a bit too bright with the HDR.

I actually redid all the spawn points, I just need to compile and upload which won’t take long. But right now I’m doing a virus scan and my comps slow as shit right now. I’ll update with a link when its done! :smiley:

Yea, I have to work on lighting… the thing is though, everyone has a different brightness because they don’t use the fucking video options… alot of people complained about it being somewhat dark in an erlier version so I bumped it up a bit, I’ll play around more in the next version. I need to figure out how to add bumpmaps to the textures

This would be gould with a Minifigure Ragdoll. As well as a few other lego models.

No textures…


umm you forgot to include this map’s textures in the zip file

^ that is mindfuck.

oh, by the way it looks good, downloading now.

It’s missing textures, no point in downloading it until the author reuploads it

Get the lego textures here: