Yeah… so a long time ago I wanted to make a “hi-fi” remake of fy_iceworld, but that never materialized. Then yesterday I decided to try again, and well, here it is. As you can see, it really doesn’t qualify as remake of fy_iceworld; now it’s more of an “inspired by” thing.


  • My first released map!
  • 77 displacements!
  • Props to hide behind in firefights.
  • Small pool in the center.
  • Hole in the center with sky visible.
  • Made for GunGame for CS:S.
  • Could also be used in Garry’s Mod for posing, RP, or as a small build map. (CS:S will be needed for textures.)


  • Fix the weird shadows on the ceiling. (Suggestions welcome! :))
  • Possibly make the map HDR.
I have set up a dedicated GunGame server, please join if you can to test it out:

Without further ado, here are the screenies. Enjoy!

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Lights on ceiling made out of ice… uh…


a forklifter in a cave? Wow how original. And that hole in middle of cave in ceiling also rocks, and as Netheous said, lights from snow? Nice techology you got there.

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This looks like you just learned how to use subdivide, then added entities in.

It looks about as realistic as a castle made of ice cream on mercury. Other than the fact that cubemaps haven’t been added or built, the lights make no sense, the water is low quality, and props appear to have been placed by a blind mutant wombat.

It had potential, change it something more realistic.

And what the hell, get rid of the fork lifts and lights. MAke some holes in the ceiling and put a light entity there.

well this is interesting

I wouldent want to live there.

The fuck, erm, what?

Where do you come up with that shit?

Well, its a big icy cave.