gg_warlords(Mostly Destructible Map)

That’s the link with the download and more info.

Its a smallish gungame map for Counter Strike Source. Right now some of the textures are orange and the lighting needs a little work.

The thing about this map though is that the forts and cover except for the props are completely destructible. They chip away as bullets are fired into them and it creates a very fun and hectic multi player experience.

Check it out and maybe try it for your server.

Oh yeah, and the pictures, don’t judge em by how shitty it looks, substance over style.

Looks neat.

So… Is this a release or a help thread? Cause if its release you are in the wrong section.


So you want praise not Criticism?

Well its a release and help thread. I need to know what I need in the final release, but it is fully playable as of now.

Needs a lot of fixing, mainly texture choices and alignment.

3ksphilips or whatever his name was comes to mind.

Don’t use dev textures in the final version.

Keep it in the other thread.

Easy to the walls and ground ect, but the forts themselves and the cover would be bitch to retexture. It took forever making them breakable, and texturing would take even longer. I could do it but can you recommend a good texture?

The current concrete is okay in my opinion, it’s the metal above that needs work, and the dev textures need a lot of work. You could try texturing from photo reference for best results. Also ‘Replace’ will be helpful for replacing every single face using the same texture, though I kind of wish they implemented a way to select all using the same texture for editing alignment, scale and position.


I’m glad the concrete texture ok because that would be the hardest to retexture. I’ll try to find some better metal textures and replace all the dev textures.

I’ll post the updates tommorow.

True that.

You can. Go to the face edit sheet on the texture you have, press replace and tick “Do not replace textures(mark found solids)”

I agree, I am to blame for everything wrong with this map. And I’m certainly not anything to do with the destructable element, since that’s good.

Maybe he was mentioning the destructible element. Keep your arguements in one thread please, thanks.

I’m sorry, I don’t believe I was arguing. Merely stating the truth.

Sarcasm doesn’t work on the internet.


Point is proven. :v:

Sarcasm fails at the user end, not how it is communicated.